The Beach

Relaxing by the beach. 

Enjoying the scenery. 

Listening to the waves.


Thinking of the future.








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Sometimes you just need to be “lazy”.  Today was a take it easier, do nothing, be lazy day.  It was a hot hot day, so we didn’t even go outside.  At least not until after 8pm.  But today, was a reading day, watching tv, figuring out what we will do the rest of our vacation day.

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Simple Definition of elusive
: hard to find or capture
: hard to understand, define, or remember

Elusive, so glad that goals don’t have to be elusive.

We can set our journey, and go along our path, setting our goals, and if we have the strength and encouragement, we can succeed.  Our goals don’t have to be elusive.


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When I think of a clock I think of time.

Our lives somehow is managed by a clock.

When we go to bed, when we get up.  Whe. You go to work, when we go home.

When we eat, when we feel hungry, again.

When we exercise.  When we call someone.

Even on vacation, you watch the clock.  Is the restraint open.  What time does the park open and close?

Whe. Do we have to leave for the show?


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Family Time

Today we did some family time.  We went and visited an art museum.   The exhibits where all Legos.  That is a Lego cloud over the kids.

We then stopped at the mall to look at the Mustangs – the cars.  Then we headed out to a RC track.  We where going to watch the races, but it started raining and everyone was getting hungry.

After dinner we went to the beach and Michael drove his car until the batteries died.  Then into the water he went.  Kaylee was busy finding shark teeth, and Jennifer was playing words with friends.

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Daily Prompt: Punishment


what you do to yourself

what you do to others

what others do to you


Dont punish yourself.  Encourage yourself.  Punishing yourself just puts you down, and discourages you from improving and being the best you can be.

You shouldn’t punish others as well.  For the same reason.  Why would you want someone to spiral downwards.  Help them up, get them on the right path.

If you are constantly being punished by others, then you might want to find a new group to hang out with.  Friends, coworkers who see your potential.

Now don’t get me wrong, those that do harm and bad things to others, should be punished, to  the full extent of the law.  We should let those people run over us or ruin our lives.


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Daily Prompt: Storm

What a great daily prompt for today.  I am sitting outside on a balcony while writing this prompt, listening to the thunder in the distance.

Will we get a storm?  Or, will it pass us by.

I remember as a child, my dad taking us outside to watch storms.  I think it was to help  us not be afraid.  Storms can be scary.  Especially for kids.  But, since my dad did that with me and my brother and sister, I have done that with my children.

My kids enjoy watching a storm.  Listening to the thunder, watching the lightning, watching the clouds.  We have even taken some cool pictures of lightning.

As with your outlook in life, you have to take storms in stride.  They can ruin your days plan.  But, maybe that wasn’t what you should have planned in the first place.  Sit back, reflect, and find the right path.  Spend time with the people and family that matter.  It is important to spend time with your family.  Watching a storm pass by with your family can be very enjoyable.


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