Everyone should take a vacation.  It is a time to refresh and regroup.  Take it easy, to do things you want to do.  At work, they would say I am on my third vacation this summer, all wishing 5 weeks.

While the first two where in some aspects a vacation.  I was having fun and recharging, I was also out with my Venture Crew and my Boy Scout Troop doing high adventure activities with them.  It was fun, because on the first trip my daughter was with me, and on the second one my son was with me.  I enjoyed seeing how they interact and how they push themselves to do new activities that they have never done before.

This week, really is a vacation.  A family vacation.  We are at the beach.  I am sitting outside drinking a cup of coffee while composing this blog.  Everyone else is still sleeping away.  This morning is suppose to be a rainy morning, so, sleeping is good.

Part of my recharging, which includes having fun with my family, is working on my blog.  I purchased a writing prompts book to help me generate ideas.  I am hoping to blog the daily prompts as well.

This should be a good vacation.

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