Daily Prompt: Storm

What a great daily prompt for today.  I am sitting outside on a balcony while writing this prompt, listening to the thunder in the distance.

Will we get a storm?  Or, will it pass us by.

I remember as a child, my dad taking us outside to watch storms.  I think it was to help  us not be afraid.  Storms can be scary.  Especially for kids.  But, since my dad did that with me and my brother and sister, I have done that with my children.

My kids enjoy watching a storm.  Listening to the thunder, watching the lightning, watching the clouds.  We have even taken some cool pictures of lightning.

As with your outlook in life, you have to take storms in stride.  They can ruin your days plan.  But, maybe that wasn’t what you should have planned in the first place.  Sit back, reflect, and find the right path.  Spend time with the people and family that matter.  It is important to spend time with your family.  Watching a storm pass by with your family can be very enjoyable.


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