Daily Prompt: Punishment


what you do to yourself

what you do to others

what others do to you


Dont punish yourself.  Encourage yourself.  Punishing yourself just puts you down, and discourages you from improving and being the best you can be.

You shouldn’t punish others as well.  For the same reason.  Why would you want someone to spiral downwards.  Help them up, get them on the right path.

If you are constantly being punished by others, then you might want to find a new group to hang out with.  Friends, coworkers who see your potential.

Now don’t get me wrong, those that do harm and bad things to others, should be punished, to  the full extent of the law.  We should let those people run over us or ruin our lives.


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One Response to Daily Prompt: Punishment

  1. True George says:

    something to consider since people punish themselves more harshly then if someone else would

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