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10 east ways to lose weight

10 Easy Ways To Lose Weight After 40Infographic by The Drs. Wolfson

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Week 1 restart

This past week I redid the first week of the 8 weeks to wellness program. 

Breakfast for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday was cottage cheese.   Thursday and Friday was 2 fried eggs.

Lunch was a chicken and salad, with cucumbers and tomatoes. 

Dinner consisted of, chicken fingers, grilled chicken, cauliflower pizza.

Also mid morning and mid afternoon had a shake each day.

The first week cuts out all sugar.  It is still surprising to me on how quickly we become addicted to sugar.

I did 25 minutes on the treadmill, and 3 times during the week I did a circuit, consisting of 10 lunges, 10 step ups, 10 burpees with push-ups, 10 reverse setups, and 10 squats.  5 circuits.  Then I did 2 to 3 sets of some weights.

During this week I dropped at least 3 pounds.

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Maddening, today’s daily prompt.  It is maddening that I haven’t kept with post.  It’s maddening that life is overcome me by saying many busy events. It is maddening.   Now the maddening rush and crowds of shoppers, trying to make sure that we get the perfect gift for the ones we love.  And life is just maddening.  Then everything doesn’t make sense.


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Enjoying a day with my Son

Today, while not his birthday, Michael and I are celebrating his birthday.  We are here at Richmond International Raceway for the day.  We got to walk down pit lane, see the cars, see some drivers, and eventually watch the race tonight.  First time for him at a NASCAR race.

We are sitting near the exit of turn 4.  It should be a great night.

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Daily Prompt:  Cake

Today, September 5, and the prompt today is cake.  What a perfect day for a prompt.  We love cake on Birthdays, Holidays, Picnics, Potlucks, and many othe special occasions.   But, I remember just 29 years ago having a piece of really good cake.  It wasn’t a birthday cake.  It was Labor day 29 years ago (it was a Saturday then).  We where neither at a potluck nor a picnic.  But is was a very special occasion.   Our wedding day.  Today, marks 29 years married.  High School Sweethearts.

No cake tonight.  We are both watching what we put into our bodies.  We did have a very nice family dinner.  We cooked steak on the grill,  made sweet potato fries, and corn on the cob.

We should have had cake tonight, to at least celebrate tomorrow being the first day of school.


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Fishing with Grandpa

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